Client Contract –

Service Contract
This nonexclusive Contract for Services is made effective for 60 days as of (date) ________________, by and between and (client name)_________________. In this Contract, the party who is contracting to receive services will be referred to as Client ­(client initials)_____________ and the party who will be providing the services will be referred to as VF.

  1. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. Beginning upon agreement to this contract, VF will directly represent Client (client initials)______________ and provide the following services for the Property(s) located at (address & unit/s)___________________________________________________:
  • Photograph property
  • Create listings which will be posted on, and on all major property listing sites (Trulia, Hotpads,etc)
  • Schedule and show property to all prospective tenants
  • Obtain application from any/all interested prospective tenants
  • Forward application results to Client
  • Provide character reference to Client

VF will NOT provide the following services:

  • Accept tenants
  • Prepare lease and conduct lease signing (VF will not be held responsible for tenant/lease once the tenant has been approved by Client and lease is signed.)


  1. CLIENT RESTRICTIONS. Beginning upon agreement to this contract Client agrees to follow the following restrictions:
  • Client or any affiliates, shall not use any pictures that contain the watermark for any use without express permission of VF
  • Client shall remove any/all current Property listings from any internet sites, yard sign, paper ads
  • Client will be responsible to accept or decline prospective tenants within 48 hours of receiving application
  • Client or employees/agents shall not show property or accept tenants from any other sources other than for the 60 day period.


  1. PAYMENT FOR SERVICES. This contract will expire after 60 days or upon completing the above Services. In exchange for completing the Services (client initial) ____________________will pay VF a fee equivalent to 100% of the first month’s rent, due upon signing of lease with tenant.

Service Recipient:                                                     Service Provider:
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