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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is Bank Street Direct Investments a Real Estate Agency?
A: Bank Street Direct Investments is not a Real Estate Agency. We are a Real Estate Investment Company that purchases properties directly  from sellers.  Our effective, customized purchasing strategies provide homeowners with efficient and profitable solutions for their unsold property.

Q: How can I get an offer from Bank Street Direct Investments?
A: Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out our contact form or call us at 410.989.1273 to provide us with some basic information about your property.
  2. A representative from Bank Street Direct Investments will contact you to schedule a consultation at your home or office so we can better understand your needs and answer any questions you may have.                                   
  3. Within 24 hours of the consultation we will present you with your no-obligation, personalized property sale solutions. 
  4. If you decide to make use of our services, we will get to work immediately on the profitable, hassle-free purchase of your property.

Q: If I submit my information, am I obligated to utilize your services or sign any offers?
A: No. You are not under any obligation. The options we present to you after our initial evaluation are only intended to acquaint you with the services that Bank Street Direct Investments provides, how we  can assist you with the purchase of your home and the benefits of utilizing our services.

Q: What percentage of my properties value will I receive?

A: There is no fixed percentage of value you will receive for your property sale. Every property, owner, neighborhood and circumstance is unique. Our sales strategy professionals evaluate the condition of the home and research local market conditions before presenting your personalized offers that will provide you with the most profitable and efficient sale of your home. We are committed to achieving the most profitable outcome for our clients.

Q:  What factors determine the offers Bank Street Direct Investments will present for my property?
A: Bank Street Direct Investments takes a number of factors into consideration when structuring your customized real estate solution offers. After visiting your home, reviewing our FAQs as well as any additional questions that you may have, our sales strategy professionals will determine: 

  • Your needs and circumstances
  • The current condition of your property
  • The value of comparable homes in the area
  • The appropriate exit strategy

Q:  How long does it take to close?
A:  On average Bank Street Direct Investments can close on your property in just seven to twenty two days! Actual closing periods fluctuate according to the purchasing strategy that you select, but at Bank Street Direct Investments we have the expertise and know-how to ensure the most efficient and profitable sale of your property. It’s important to remember that “time is money” and that the longer that your property lingers on the market unsold, the more it is costing you and the greater that its value may drop.

Q: Will I have to pay a real estate commission?
A: No. Bank Street Direct Investments never charges a real estate commission. Bank Street Direct Investments works with a win-win business model and exit strategies that are designed to satisfy the property owners needs. Our profits stem from end-buyers and investors so we don’t need to take a percentage of your hard earned money away from you!

Q: Do you work with properties in any condition?
A: Yes! Bank Street Direct Investments purchases properties in any condition and we make sure that you get the best possible offer, often without having to make any repairs or upgrades. With Bank Street Direct Investments, you won’t have to upgrade bathrooms, fix roofs, remodel kitchens, 
install a new heating system, lay new carpet or even put on a fresh coat of paint! We are ready to purchase your house “as is”. We do the necessary repairs and upgrades.

Q:  Can you purchase my home fast and help me stop foreclosure?
A: Yes! We have the available funds, team and experience that enables us to purchase your property even if you are facing foreclosure. We can help you avoid foreclosure with just a few days left until the auction!

Q: In general who utilizes your services?
A:  Property owners who don’t want to pay the high commissions and fees of a Real Estate Agency or be burdened with the many stressful hassles of selling their property on their own.  We assist property owners who may need quick, profitable, hassle-free home sales due to:

  • Double Mortgage 
  • Downsizing
  • Relocation
  • Job Transfer
  • Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Inheritance
  • Major Repair
  • Vacancy
  • Fire Damage
  • Bankruptcy

Q: What are the benefits in selling my home to Bank Street Direct Investments?
A: There are many benefits to using our services including: 

  • Full cash payments without any closing fees, mortgage approval anxiety, or repairs.
  • A quick, efficient closing in as few as seven days of receiving your submission!
  • Friendly, professional representatives who are sensitive to your needs and are available to answer any questions that you may have.

Q: Are companies saying they buy “HOMES FOR CASH” affiliated with Bank Street Direct Investments?
A: No. We are an established Real Estate Investment Company.  We are not associated with any other companies that offer “HOMES FOR CASH”.  Our company offers alternative home sale solutions with the clients best interests in mind.