Q: How much do your services cost? 

A: Our fees are paid by the landlords, so our services are free for renters! The only potential fee would be a  one-time $39.95 application fee, ONLY paid if you decide to submit one for a unit you have seen with one of our agents. Once submitted, the application can be used for any of our available units, and no need to pay additional fees!

Q: How does the VacancyFillers.com process work?

A: We use a simple six-step system to help you find & secure your perfect apartment rental!

  1. Search– our informative listings or contact Ben our leasing manager at ben@vacancyfillers.com or call 443.469.2125
  2. Schedule- once you find a vacancy (or vacancies) that meet your needs, schedule a showing using our online scheduling system
  3. See- see the unit with one of our friendly and professional agents, who will answer any questions or concerns you may have about the vacancy/process
  4. Submit- if you like the vacancy and want to move forward, submit your application online
  5. Secure- once you get approved for the apartment, submit the deposit so we can take it off the market and hold it for you until your move date
  6. Sign- schedule a time to sign the lease, pay the 1st months rent, and get your keys!

Q: How many days out should I start my apartment hunt?

A: 30-45 days out! If you start any earlier than that, the listed properties will most likely be already rented by renters with earlier move dates! We post new vacancies all the time, so don’t worry about not being able to find an apartment that meets your needs! We encourage you to join our Standby List so we can keep you informed of relevant vacancies as it gets closer to your move date! Click here to join the standby list!

Q: How do I schedule a showing to see a property?

A: Every listing has a green Schedule A Showing button towards the top and a blue Schedule button as you scroll down. Just click the button and select from one of our showing times listed on our online scheduling system. If you’re unable to successfully schedule a showing, or the time slots don’t work for you, contact contact Ben our leasing manager at ben@vacancyfillers.com or call 443.469.2125

Q: What are the requirements to be approved for an apartment?

A: Typically, landlords are looking for a credit score above 650 and an income of 2.5 times the rent amount. If you don’t meet these requirements, we still may be able to get you approved with an increased deposit, and/or cosigner, or other methods!

Q: How do I submit an application once I want to move forward with an apartment?

A: You can use this link https://www.rentapplication.net/VacancyFillers.com/ or on the main menu, click the orange Apply Online button! Just make sure to have a photo ID and proof of income documents (i.e. pay stubs, student loan documents, bank statements). Once submitted, it takes about 24 hours to get a response from the management company, but in some cases, we can get a response in as little as 1 hour!

Q: How much money do I need to put down to move in?

A: In most cases, you’ll need to put down a security deposit (equivalent to one month’s rent) and the first month’s rent. If you have a pet, and the apartment has pet fees, you may need to pay that as well. If you are moving in the middle of the month, the landlord will most likely prorate (divide monthly rent by days in the month, then charge you for the number of days of the first month) the rent.

Q: How do I find out more about the safety and convenience of a neighborhood?

A: All of our listings have a Map and a Whats Nearby button, which will link you to the specific Walkscore.com page.  There you will find a transit information, neighborhood eateries, crime rating, etc.